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I save time for business leaders by building connections with an ideal audience. This is done by data-driven tools to create crisp and compelling branding, message clarity and credibility. Time is money, and the proprietary process developed saves months or years of trial and error and creates an inbound strategy to attract clients and grow influence. 

Iris Culp – My Story​

Your LInkedIn Expert is part of IC Growth, a training and development firm. After six years of reviewing LinkedIn profiles and then writing them for professional careerists and solopreneurs, Founder Iris Culp saw that many expert-led businesses struggled to communicate their value to potential clients in a way that didn’t come across “slimey”. Often these high-level professionals have come from a highly analytical and/or technical background and had not faced the challenge before of describing their own value in a meaningful or relevant way that their own services would provide to others.  


 As a result these highly competent business leaders lacked the messaging or systems in place for prospects to come to the business pre-sold and ready to buy. Instead, these experts were wasting time and expressing frustration with the lack of results and lost time, wasted efforts and resources. Iris launched Your LinkedIn Expert to help these highly competent professionals stop the time drain and get traction in the  marketplace once and for all.

“Iris is an amazing mentor, coach, and LinkedIn expert. Her knowledge is only exceeded by her passion. “


– C. Hageny, Small Business Owner

Why Work With Me

We’ve each lived a life that has a unique story with an eye to explain themselves in a way that offers clear and compelling insight.  I have a passion to assist each person with crafting that unique blend of elements so you can “get found and understood”. 


There are no “cookie cutter” solutions when it comes to identifying a personal brand and developing a strategy that fits your industry, business method and entrepreneurial style.I work with you as an individual to clarify their past contributions in meaningful ways so the right opportunity and clients can find you and benefit from knowing you.

Qualifications & Awards


  • Master’s degree – Adult Education and Human Resource Development 
  • B.S. Communications & Journalism


  • Nationwide talent acquisition initiatives for Fortune 500
  • HR Director in industries: IT, healthcare, higher-education, manufacturing, transportation 
  • Marketing Consultant with track record with driving multiple 112% increase in sales


  • SPHR
  • Author
  • Award Winning Certified DiSC Facilitator

What I Can do For Your Business​

 I follow the words of one of my life heroes, who said “Iris, each person has an important and unique story to tell.”  I agree. This business exists to continue that truth and build that legacy.

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