When is LinkedIn Premium a good fit?


If you are a career person, chances are pretty good that you have a LinkedIn account. Sooner or later, every LinkedIn user is faced with the decision to stay with the free plan or go premium. Well, if you have been wondering about the two, and considering what exactly makes the premium plan worth the cost, then this article is for you.

Avoid the 7 Most Common Boomer Errors on a LinkedIn Profile


If you are a Boomer, (hey, I am😊!) this checklist is to help avoid the most common “potholes” on the ever-evolving LinkedIn platform. This most important business and professional networking platform has earned a unique role in the world and it seems poised to be a growth giant long into the future (Microsoft acquired it for 26.2 BILLION for a reason!)

5 Step Checklist: Engage on LinkedIn


Though LinkedIn is a social digital platform, I like to suggest thinking and acting in terms of treating your conversations as if it was an IN REAL LIFE (IRL) networking experience. Power users function differently than casual users on LinkedIn. Power users on the platform realize that the opportunity on LinkedIn is simply the beginning of creating a connection and grow their influence by being generous, engaging and providing value to others. That is how power users interact on the platform. Think about how you interact during an IRL networking event, such as a chamber of commerce event or golf networking event.

Try to Sell to Everyone and You’ll Sell to No One


The best product or service in the world is not enough to make a winning business.

While the quality of your offering must be good, the difference between sales and stale business is understanding your ideal clients.

When you understand your ideal client and know how to speak to them effectively, they will come.

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