What Exactly is Coaching? Do I really need it?



The coaching process brings the power of curiosity and psychological safety together to create a space where you can think new thoughts, be challenged, and create new growth and success in your life.


Whether you wish to explore unlocking greater leadership success, improved communication or increased clarity for decisions in business, coaching helps draw your best self forward.



Do you have an amazing idea that you’d like to turn into a business?


Has your current business hit a plateau in gaining new clients? 


Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?


Perhaps you’ve launched a website, business cards are made; posted on social media but seeking a strategy for those new clients.


Any of these might be worth a conversation.

Why A Coach?​

Every top performer has a coach and mentors.  Why? They already outperform others. They know there is more potential to unlock.


Do you feel like you can improve your leadership skills?


Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?


Would it be beneficial to gain a viewpoint outside of your team/organization?


Do you think it’s time to “sharpen the saw” instead of simply working more hours or trying harder?  Are you missing an important opportunity for expansive growth? 

“Coaching provides a catalyst for seeing current situations from a new vantage point and provides a thought partner who is focused on your growth and success. It provides clarity and a focused strength unlike any other experience.”   


– Iris Culp

Leadership Partnership


Whether you own a business or run a large team, now is the time to tap into the power of professional coaching that unlocks success in a way that nothing else can. Coaching support pulls all the levers effectively for optimized success without more hours. If “just try harder” is only wearing you out, let’s work together. 



Career Partnership


 This service has tools and resources to help you refine your personal brand, increase your ability to get found and understood on LinkedIn, as well as uncover the “hidden job market”. We will create a specialized career roadmap, with a variety of tools. Oftentimes, a new direction is like turning a large ship. A partnership is ideal with sustained support, flexible tools with steady expert guidance along the path.     

Monthly Thinking Partner 


Perhaps you’re not in a season of wanting a coach to walk intensively through specific goals in the immediate future. You really do not need an experienced coach to talk to every week or so. But you’ve noticed that having a thinking partner who checks in at intervals helps you achieve progress and growth that doesn’t occur without that accountability and support.


This option has a monthly consultation, as well as as-needed support by email and text  support throughout the month. This includes any accountability, feedback or other steps appropriate to your specific situation. This puts a dedicated Coach in your corner, who knows your goals and unique path. With a thought partnership, the goals are often on the long-term horizon.   It is an ideal fit for those life, business or career situations where it’s vital to have strategic thinking partner for plans and goals which may be a year or further out. 


"Iris knows people. It’s like she can look at a box of puzzle pieces and see the complete picture."


Jackie Farell

VP Farell Enterprises

"Iris brings a full set of coaching and mentoring skills to her work. These skills, coupled with her wisdom and experience, were very beneficial to me and should prove equally valuable to anyone who works with Iris."


Chris R.

CEO, Extra Space

"Iris Culp was an outstanding coach. She was so friendly and straight forward with her advice and support. I learned a lot about the job search process and she helped me be able to articulate what I want for my future and what I have to offer. It was very helpful and a good boost for me to assist me with the transition."


Becky S.

IT Director Lexis Nexis

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